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Working on the DVD release & iconic title track for Sandokan was part of a legacy project for Kabir & I. You can watch this video & hear our version for India.

Sandokan is a national treasure in Italy, people run down the streets singing the theme song when they see Kabir. Here's how we worked on the one for India...

Co-Producer Independent International Feature Film

January 01, 2020

English independent feature film shooting in the U.K in 2020. 

November 30, 2018

India associate producer for an international non-fiction series BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES  with BAFTA-winning production company MINNOW FILMS, U.K for NETFLIX. Releasing 2020.


August 31, 2018

A content creation company focussed on quality fiction and non-fiction content with social relevance exclusively for the digital OTT arena. Clients include Times of India, HotStar, Zee5 and Applause Entertainment. I'm responsible for:

  • Identifying, developing and managing the creation of our portfolio of show bibles and new content

  • Creative producer - creating and shaping the content and working with writers and directors through to full development, pitch, and sale.

  • The senior management client interface

  • Showrunner - fiction series - 2019​​

Associate Producer

July 31, 2018

Produced and directed the India segment of an international non-fiction show, ‘VEGAN EARTH’ and a U.S documentary ‘BEAR WITNESS’. Shot in and around Mumbai with 23 people crew.

Creative Rioter - BEDINATION

Bedination is a media company producing and creating content with social relevance. Bedination also consults for international production companies.


Current Projects:


  • Producing 'Landless', a documentary on discrimination, prejudices, and patriarchy faced by 3 generations of women in one family fighting for their rights.

  • Collaborating with and representing international companies wanting to assess the Indian entertainment industry in terms of television and film. I often do strategic consulting for international production companies and independent film-makers, such as: 

- BBC Radio 2 programme on Nightingale of India, host Yasmin Alibhai Brown

- BBC Radio 2 political show on right-wing rising in India and the rise of KHANS in Bollywood

- Documentary on business leaders secured high-level interviews

- Secured music rights from Universal India of popular Hindi classic track for Independent movie maker for film, 'BAZODEE'.

  • Co-producing a feature-length film. 

  • Options right to biography - in pre-production

  • 'Sandokan' release in India - multi-platform release

  • DVD box-set and VOD tie-ups - all India release

  • 'Sandokan' Hindi theme song created, produced and released with Hungama, India


Brand Ambassador for Fashion Revolution, a global campaign in over 89 countries advocating for a fairer and more transparent fashion industry.

House Of Milk

The 'face' of sustainable fashion label, "House of Milk's" Healing Garments line. A true fit as I'm a firm supporter of ethical sustainable fashion.​

Social Policy - Board of Directors Human Rights & Equality Council

When I worked as a Consultant for the UK government on issues of social change. I had special interests in race relations, substance misuse, gender equality, and community affairs. My research projects had an emphasis on action at the grass-roots level and were designed to create highly focused development programmes, the action for policy change and frameworks for media campaigns, with built-in time-bound evaluation periods, enabling me to re-visit the projects and ensure they were moving in the right direction. Producing researched reports, recommendations, and evaluations I was directly impacting the social policy framework.


I continued to make a difference in my own small way and accepted joining the prestigious Board of Directors at Medway Human Rights and Equality Council.


It was during my contact with local groups and grass-root level research that I founded Tamana productions, an all-women drama group from diverse backgrounds, giving a voice to women who may otherwise not be heard. The aim was to explore social issues through drama.

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